Wedge Leg Pillow Upholstery Foam Rest Pillow, Ideal for Surgery | Breathable & Washable Quilted Cover

  • Ideal Elevated Leg Pillow- The first pillow designed specifically to elevate your injured leg, knee joint, and ankle to facilitate healing and recovery. The pillow keeps your leg in place while you are sleeping or awake using the custom channel design. The pillow improve your body posture while resting or sleeping in a way that allows for maximum relaxation and relief - lay your legs against our elevated leg rest pillow and relieve excess pressure off your legs, hip & knees.
  • Measurements: 63cm x 53cm x 20cm, Fitted with a removable/washable zip off soft cover A guaranteed long life that you will not need to replace for many years and you'll love the pillow.
  • Breathable & Washable Cover: This foam has Quilted soft, breathable, hypoallergenic cover. When you need to freshen your leg rest pillow, just slip the cover off, throw it in the wash and hang to dry - no fraying, no pilling, no wear and tear. Dust mite resistant cover - allergy sufferers no longer need to compromise.
  • Premium Material - Made with a high-density premium Upholstery foam, the pillow offers contouring support to your legs, and does not collapse under your body weight. Our firm and breathable elevating leg rest pillow stays cool.
  • The Triangle Wedge pillow: Ideal for individuals who suffer from Back & Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Edema, Varicose Veins, phlebitis and Circulation related ailments. Additionally the Wedge aids with Leg cramps and relief from restless leg syndrome and improves blood circulation by elevating feet above heart level.

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