GAX Shinguards Kickboxing, MMA Instep Foot Thai Kick Protector Muay Leg Pads Protective Gear

  • PROFESSIONAL 28mm HIGH DENSITY FOAM PADDING: GAX designed to allow athletes a great level of protection, Lightweight foam backing allows airflow around the leg.
  • Ultimate Fitment: GAX designed a velcro-X closure system, with a stretchable strap, allows you to tailor your SHIN GUARDS to get a true comfortable wearing experience & ultimate fitment.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: The lighter your training leg guards the longer you can train. Alpha Force advanced lightweight design offers you superior movement and speed.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Multi-layered padding absorbs the harshest of impacts with equal shock distribution.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: SHin pads designed to ensure that your leg guards will last as long as possible without tearing or degrading.

Product description

GAX: is the champion's choice for Shin Pads. Large range of boxing gloves, hand wraps, Wrist wrap and equipment for competition and training we guaranteed long-life quality. 


GAX shin pads provide encompassed protection with its foot protector instep. Enhance your performance through these Maya Hide leathered Neo-1 shinbased embedded neoprene stretch metrial. Technology.Soft cotton and synthetic fabric have been used to wicks away sweat and to keep you dry and comfortable. 

Affordable and durable pads are made from a Premium Leather and Elasticated 

Basic Size:
Small: 130-160cm 
Medium: 161-179cm 
Large: 180cm-188cm 
XL- 189cm-210cm 



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