GAX Hot Shot Hula Hoops 3x: Sports Dance Rings in Small, Medium & Large


Improve posture and flexibility of the entire body and strengthen the core muscles!

Durable Strength

Using a GAX fitness Hoola hoop for short periods will improve posture and flexibility of the entire body and strengthen the core muscles. This Set includes 3x different Colours and sizes Hoola hoop. Our sports hoop is designed & built to a standard that will last.

Quality Material

GAX hula-hoop made up of Highly Quality durable plastic with glitter wrap. There are five glittery colours available in all sizes of the Hula Hoops, The assorted colours will be selected/Sent randomly unless otherwise advised.

GAX Pro Kid's / Adult Hoop Measurements

Sizes range from small to large; Pink Hoop: 720mm. Green Hoop: 680mm. Blue Hoop: 570mm. Red Hoop: 520mm. Recommended for beginner/intermediate hula hoop users. 15-20 minutes daily workout, the fitness hoop can aid weight loss by burning calories.

Attractive Glittery Colours

GAX Hoola Hoops with 3 Shiny Glittery Multicolours Blue, Red and Green. Our Hoola hoops are nothing like the cheap hoops you find in supermarkets & Toy shops. Aids mobility of the spine & helps to tone abs, stomach & back muscles.

Ideal Choice

GAX premium quality children's & adults Hula Hoops is great for exercise, dance, fitness & fun! It helps to ensure the joints remain flexible & extremely effective at losing weight around the stomach/abdomen area.

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