GAX Headguard for Boxing MMA Headgear Sparring Muay Thai Full Face Protection Head Guard

  • DURABILITY: GAX designed for sparring in mind and to get you ready for war in the ring. Shell-Shock based Tri-Slab Max-Shock foam padding for high-intensity shock suppression.                                                                                                                                                                       
  • COMFORT & FIT: It is lightweight, the loop fastening system provides a secure comfortable fitness and easy wearing and quick release. Comfortable for your sweat-absorbing with inner lining.
  • MULTI-LAYERED FOAM: The head guard has 3 layers of padding, EVA-GUARD on the outside absorbs the impact. GAX head guard was designed to protect your head and face without coming in the way during training/sparring.
  • FULL PROTECTION: Good protection holes on the ears to ensure good breathability and listening. Covers the forehead, cheeks, ears, chin, and back of the heads
  • VISIBILITY: User-friendly design ensures optimal safety and visibility. It is hard to defend against punches you can't see. Even though it covers all the areas and enables you to see all the punches coming your way.

Detail Description:

GAX: This is the champion's choice for boxing gear. Large range of boxing gloves, headgears, Wrist wrap and equipment for competition and training we guaranteed long-life quality.

More Padding of and Shock Absorption on Ear, Forehead, Cheek and Back Strap whilst maintaining nice and clear vision. Also Features Sweat Absorbance Fabric Inner lining on Head Guard Providing comfort during workout.

Affordable and durable;
Head Gears are meant to keep your head safe so you can train properly and for longer, a head guard is a versatile piece of protective equipment that is designed for maximum protection, and long-lastingness. High-quality leather shields the interior of these handcrafted head guards that consist of compressed Tri-Slab padding with shock-absorbent slabs of gel.

Tight secure fastener tape closure for easy wearing and quick release and thick pad on the after brain for better protection.


Headgear is made from a Premium Leather, Special Multi-Layered High-Density Foam Core for Maximum Protection.

  • Tiger
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Red & White
  • Black
  • Green

Package Include:
Comes with one GAX head guard for Boxing

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