GAX Curved Large Target Thai Kicking Pad, Strike shields for Training Coaching Kick Boxing Punching

  • GAX Kick shield Material: manufactured with tough Hide leather material. This is specially used for kickboxing, MMA training and more, his performance excellence and hence our Professional Customer Service ensures your satisfaction.                                                                                                    
  • Our Rex hides leather Taekwondo Punch pads arm kick pads are well-padded comfort during training sessions. we have heavy quality shock absorbers that can endure high-velocity hits. Also, increase with two provides comfortable support Velcro arm straps for easy wear and removal
  • Three sheets covering a surface or body of Gel integrated thick Foam padding for abundant shock engrossment.
  • Length=34cm, Width=19cm and Depth=7cm. (option is available for a single pad or pair of pads)
  • Triple re-implement sew and frozen leather handle Double layered webbing re-enforced clipper straps

Detail Description:

GAX: is the champion's choice for boxing gear. Large range of Kicking Pad, hand wraps, Wrist wrap and equipment for competition and training we guaranteed long-life quality.

High-quality leather and very comfortable to wear and kick.when you used these with a heavier weighted opponent who kicks like a tank and they absorbed lots of the shock and made training very durable! Still looking in excellent quality months later with no signs of wear and tear. GAX recommend for anyone looking for an awesome piece of kit for their collection and training!


These pads are outstanding. High-Quality thick leather, lots of gel cushion, double and triple stitching, Firm grips and supports for the arms. Generally a good quality product.





Package Includes:
1 pair of Kicking Pad.

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