GAX Boxing Focus Target Pads - Training Punching Gloves Mitts Hook & Jab MMA Strike Pads

  • Pro-Style Design: Curved New and Exclusive boxing pads are designed for extreme swift training sessions. This Hook and Jab Mitts, Focus Pads made of Synthetic Leather.                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Safety-Layered Padding: Layered mold in the focus pads consist of padded foam, jumbo sheet and Eva layer to allow for maximum shock absorption.
  • Exclusive Grip: A strap that is adjustable and tightens around the wrist for added safety.
  • Ideal for Daily Training: Karate, Muay Thai, Exercise, Taekwondo, Martial Arts, UFC MMA, and kickboxing.
  • High-Quality Material: Durable PU leather and padded with high potency foam

Detail Description:

GAX: is the champion's choice for boxing gear. Large range of boxing gloves, hand wraps, and equipment for competition and training we guaranteed long-life quality.

Mitt Design allows extreme swift training sessions
Adjustable straps around the wrist to remove any chance of the focus mitts slipping or falling off
Sewn-in parts where your full hand will fit and keep the fingers separated & spread so to take the force of a punch evenly

PU Leather + highly elastic sponge layers.


Package Includes:

1 pair of Sports Curved Boxing Pads

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