GAX Bicep Isolator Arms Blaster - Unique Design Bomber Curl Blaster - Weight lifting Gym Training

  • Gax Biceps Isolator Bomber Arm and Shoulder Curling Blaster Weight lifting Gym Body Building Training                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Made from heavy-duty Metal to ensure the contoured design fits around users figure perfectly
  • Pro Gadget: Unique Design Isolates arms and shoulders help you to increase Biceps Muscle Growth and Strength while performing dumbbell and Exercise.
  • Material: Made from heavy-duty Metal to ensure the contoured design fits around the user's figure perfectly. Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing, Neoprene Neck Pad, and High-Density Elbow pads protection.
  • One Size for All: Can fit around any sized body, Strap Allows user to build extreme bicep muscle mass.

Detail Description:

 Pro Design for Champions:

Bulk up your biceps each time you grab a workout bar with Biceps Bomber Isolator. Constructed from Nylon Webbing, Thick Neoprene Shoulder Pad, and High-Density Elbow Pads. Biceps Bomber isolates your arm and shoulders while you perform dumbbell or barbell curls. This results in your back and elbows stay locked in perfect curling position. Comes with neck strap, with supreme foam neck padding and an easily adjustable strap with extra added Neoprene Neck Pad to help increase comfort whilst lifting.

Package Include:
Comes with one Biceps Bomber Isolator curler Arm Blaster

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