Boxing Hand Wraps Elasticated Bandages MMA Inner Gloves Fist Protector Bandages – For Combat Boxing


Designed: GAX designed to protect your knuckles, bones, tendons, and muscles For Combat Sports, Boxing, MMA & Cross Fitness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Support the wrist joint: when the impact of the punch is absorbed, and you will be able to punch with Extra force. It's ideal for exceptional athletes.
  • Manufactured: Using with an optimal fabric which is slightly elastic and very easy for on & of.
  • Measurement: 4 Meters long, Ideal length to securely wrap your hand and thick carbon fiber are woven material offers even better protection than regular hand wraps.
  • Feature: A thumb hole at one end and Hook-and-Loop closure for easy on and of with 5cm velcro closing.

Detail Description:

GAX: is the champion's choice for boxing gear. Large range of boxing gloves, boxing hand wraps, Wrist wrap and equipment for competition and training we guaranteed long-life quality.

These wraps are quite thin, this makes them great when wrapping the hand from multiple angles as they keep a nice grip. You buy the 4 meters long pairs that to be the perfect length for a Mexican style wrap with half forearm protected. Ideal length to securely wrap your hand and protect your hands during Boxing, MMA or other Combat Sports activities.

Package Includes:
1 pair of boxing Hand Wraps Elasticated Supports.

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